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 Common Law Advice

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PostSubject: Common Law Advice   Tue Jan 10, 2012 8:14 pm

I have recently been awarded a serious inkury certificate for severe drepression and acute adjustment disorder, sustained whilst working as a police officer. I was bullied and harrassed over numerous months and the Victoria police failed to act and eventually I was made to resign on ill health.
I have been on workcover now since June 2008, receiving weekly payments.
I was lead to beleive by my solicitor that once the Serios Injury certificate was obtained I would be able to be awarded damages. I received the certificate for both Pain and Suffering and Economic Loss.
My solicitor contacted me yesterday and said that it would be too difficult to get the economic loss payment and adviced me to seek damage for pain and suffering only, of $60,000, I used to earn $85,000 a year. I told him that I was not willing to do this as I have lost my carreer, not to mention my life and mind, and why would I drop my major compensation claim.
They told me that my claim would be eaten up in costs at court an sine I am on weekly payments I would be better off staying on them, as I could possibly get them till I was 65. What a joke, who in their right mind would advice someone to stay on workcover payment indefinately, obviously someone who has never had to be in this system.
I am at a loss, and have no idea what to do. My solicitor has told me that that if I do not take his advice then he will no longer represent me on a "no win no pay", and I will have to pay upfront for costs.
No wonder people in these situations decide to take thei own lives, it seems to me that the only time the couts and the media sit up and listen to what is really going on in this system is whn a tragedy happens. Fortunately for me I love my family too much and would not do it, but if it wasnt for them it would be seriously considered, I just dont know how I can face years of this to come, where is my closure.
I would love to hear from anyone who has any advice as to what to do next, I definately don't. I was hoping to start again and move forward from this, but it seems that just wont be the case.
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Common Law Advice
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