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 The prayer says it all

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PostSubject: The prayer says it all   Mon Jun 04, 2007 9:59 am

A prayer for Workcover staff and EML employees
I pray for all the workers at Workcover and all the case managers at EML.
I pray that what goes around come around.
I pray that your children and Family be blessed with the same suffering and trauma I have experienced whilst on Workcover.
I pray that when you take the cup to drink, that you think of the blood that has been spilled of injured workers.
And when you eat the bread, you think of the bodies and injurys that have been suffered of the innocent workers.
And when you sit in silence think again of how you have failed to help the injured who are oppressed and unable to fight, for they are the ones who are needy in this world and who the system is failing.
I pray that those you treat unfairly in your daily walk will forgive you someday..cause sure as day is day and night is night there are many that know not how to forgive after being so unfairly treated for so long a time, I be one of them.
I pray that you and your children end up on Workcover and be traumatised by poor claims management year in year out.
May they never receive their true entitlements. And when your children want to end their suffering and redeem their entitlements I hope that their claims are settled unfairly with not a care for their injury and suffering.
I pray for Bruce and the board for they know not what they do.
I pray that they may have more understanding and insight into the lives and suffering of injured workers trapped on a system that cares little for the human lives it consumes.
I pray that the Board fix the system without regard to their own interests but in the interests of the employers and the injured workers.


P.S. I am not praying for a miracle, thats why I did not pray that the minister will fix the system.
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PostSubject: Prayer says it all.   Mon Jun 04, 2007 1:44 pm

I hope that this sends a clear message to all of the workcover employees about the woeful way in which the injured workers are treated. Much ado about all of the media hype about fixing the problem. Its clearly obvious that their self adjusted egos take preference over dealing with the real issues of rehabilitating and helping the injured workers. What a Face .
One only has to look at the tribunal list and the court lists to find the workers who have been injured being put through a system which cares little for its fundamental objectives.
" reduce litigation to the greatest possible extent"
Well that went out the door a long time ago..
I also think of all the children and loved ones of injured workers who must also suffer dreadfully because of the way the system treats their partners.
SHAME Evil or Very Mad SHAME Twisted Evil SHAME Twisted Evil upon Workcover for their actions.No
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The prayer says it all
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