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 what happened to my lump sum payment(section 43)

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PostSubject: what happened to my lump sum payment(section 43)   Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:23 pm

i got a payout for impairment to the sum of 14,300 + medical bills and my lawyers fee which she asked for 5000 but they gave her 4000.when i first meet my laywer she said it would cost me between 2500 and 4000 depending on how much work she my problem i went to her office because the money was transferred to there account on wensday and since i havent had any income for the last few weeks i really needed it.she was told that loud and clear
anyway went there friday,i sat there for 2 or 3 hours she finaly came out at i was pissed already.i just tookthe cheque folded it and put it in my pocket and walked out.when i gave my wife the cheque she asked my why it was only for 8,800.i made her take me back to the lawyers where i was 5mins ago and it was looked was meant to be:
$14,300 origanaly
$1430 go's to medicare 10%of what you earn go's can get it back if you dont owe them
$12,870 is what i meant to have
i got the cheque and it was only for
$8,840 i belive she has taken out $4000 but if they are going to pay my leagal fee's why did she take it from me.if you ask me she was lucky to get the $4000 they gave her.she has done nothing for me besides prolong all my if somone can please help me understand what has happened i would be greatful.because at the moment she has double dipped which is crap.and i did try and change lawyers many times because she was crap.she never came to the medical pannel to my hearing.and they told me she should be here and asked if i wanted to go on with out her
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PostSubject: limp sum payment.   Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:47 am

Have a look at the paper work from the court. It should explain the award. If you are sure that the amount awarded was not a figure that was inclusive, so the total amount was the $14,300. If it does award you the other costs on the top of this amount then I would ring the company first and ask them to explain the deductions. Have they given you a list of costs, This would have had to been given to you so you knew how much to ask for at the court. You can get free legal advice from some solicitors and the first appointment free and take your paper work with you. If it turns out that you are right then they can tell you what to do. Sometimes a phone call from another solicitor is all that it would take. You could also visit the clerk at the court to ask if they can explain what the orders mean.
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what happened to my lump sum payment(section 43)
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