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 some doctors should be shot

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PostSubject: some doctors should be shot   Sat Oct 01, 2011 8:56 pm

hi guys i have been on workcover for nearly 3yrs and its been nothing but hell.while i was working i belive i had torn a muscel.anywaya few scans where done but they didnt find nothing,i then got sent to the best scan bloke in SA.he found the problem in a minute,using lines as a example,the muscel in the chest should be straight but the one he found was very wobbly and hard to dr sent me to a new specailist and after having all the info he told me that my pain and the lump in my chest has nothing to do with my chest and the pain is origanating from my back and i feel it in my chest.he told me that he could have me back at work within 2 weeks if im serious about recovery.
the dr reccommended that i have this nerve block done in my back and it will stop all the pain and will be back to work very soon(2 weeks).i told him my concern that i have never had back problems and i dont like the sounds of needles going in my back.he told me i would be asleep and i wouldnt feel it,plus he is sending me to the best there is.that made me have hope,i wanted the pain to stop but more than anything i wanted to get back to i said ok
you have to understand that i have lived a hard live but more then most.i had little work expireance,like 3days and it was at 3 diffrent places.basicly i didnt see the point in working for $600-1000 a week when i could get much more with 1 planned job.i also promised myself that after being released i would avoid jail and crime.i ended up finding my wife and we had twin boys,so jail and crime was no longer an option for me
i then found a a decent paying job(legit)and i really loved it.the problem was when it rained we didnt work,so some weeks there was no i came across the same job in the paper but more work was availible.worked there a few years on part time between 3and 5 days a week.i again found the same job in the paper,this time it was i went there
i really enjoyed working here,i would work 6days a week and i would be pissed on days off,even holidays.i had to be doing somthing at all times even after working i would workmates where the best and never judged me on my past.things where great for the first time in my life i also was proud to be a productive member of became my addiction anyone that knows me would tell ya im a hard worker that go's non stop.if somthing was meant to take 6hrs to do,i would try and have it done i 3hrs.they would also tell ya that im not a week preson nor do i give when the dr told me i could be back at work in 2 me that was everything i yeah i will do whatever to get back there
i went to the hospital to get the nerve block,beside's doctor should know what there doing.right.he got a needle to put me to sleep,he stabbed and stabbed and couldnt find a vain.he asked my if i wanted to do it while i was awake.i asked if it would be painful.he said he would numb the area and it should feel no worse then a bee sting or he could keep looking for a vain.mind you his been looking and stabbing for no crap 15-20 min,my arms and wrists where swollen from him stabbing and i told him to numb the area then.the numbing didnt feel bad and he told me it wouldnt much diffrent to the numbing.
i was know face down and ready for the nerve block which was meant to be 6-8 needle,thats what he marked out with dots on my back.i really did think it was going to be done under a scan or soon as he stuck the first one in i felt it.for that second i thourght i could handle it even though it hurt,then he asked if i was ready.i thourght the first was done,i said yeah.tell me if you feel any pain.he pushed on the needle and omg.i started to scream and cruse.i could feel the liquid rushing from the needle right next to my spin.all that echo's in my head is the way this doctor was telling me to stop sceaming like a girl,be a man,some one like you shouldnt feel it.
he promised the next one's wouldnt feel like this.befor i knew it the 2nd one was in my back.the stab wasnt that bad,but as soon as the liquid came out,it hurt like hell.i told him to stop and again with his smart ass mouth came out with stupid comments.i really think he was trying to impress the nurse that was with him.i was turned over onto my backto stop him putting anymore in.he was standing there with the next 1 ready.i wanted to get up but my legs where numb,he said tell me when your exacted words to him was "if you come near me with that thing i will put it in your eye socket".he said did it really feel that he kidding i was in a room that had atleast 5or6 people in there beds and i could see the worry in them threw the crack of the curtain.i told him that the pain from the needles is unbearable and that there was no way i would do anymore.he told me that he wouldnt do anymore and it usally done while people are under
after 3hrs when i could feel my legs i got the hell out of that hospital.the next morning i woke up with massive pain in my not only did they not fix my first problem,they ended up giving me back pain that has me in tears.when i went back to the dr that sent me there he said he dosnt know what happened.i ended up go to another dr who asked if all my info was given to this dr.i said it was.he told me that they should have never started to play around with my back until they sorted out the problem that the scan specailist had found.what he also told me is that nerve block would have been his last choice because they done go wrong more times then basicly the pain is there and will be there so learn to live with it.

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some doctors should be shot
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