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 Bankrupcy better then to fall under Workcover

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PostSubject: Bankrupcy better then to fall under Workcover   Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:43 am

It says on this site to stay anonymous if we donít want Workcover to see this?

Personally I donít really care, if the whole world sees this.
One thing is I will not be shut down as long as I live.

Workcover, because of your pathetic Doctors, your failure of inappropriate assessment, your failure of inappropriate treatment, your failure of inappropriate percentage, your failure of allowing freedom of speech in front of these Doctors and much more to be said which I have to make it short.

Over 2 Years you have destroyed my life that if feels like one F****** bad dream.
I donít care anymore if you strip me naked and I walk the streets.

You took everything I owned from me anyway, including my tools, my vehicle, my apartment and then break up of third marriage.
Now, you left me with Chronic pains and I could say mental disability to think right.
Only thing that serves me, is I have a good memory.

Next time when one gets injured try to listen to them of plead to get treated ASAP and perhaps this would never get to this point as it did.

Your system is ridiculous that is the only way I can put it.
Tell your Doctor not to lie in future because you will destroy more lives.

About your percentage it is the worst crap one can wear.

You donít get one Clown Doctor to tell me: I am on your side I give me 5% for one arm. Hello (one that had used a trolley of 130 to 150 kg every day? One arm?
Then please tell me, whose side on are the other 2 Doctors?

It is numerously stated that a physical assessment had to be done but you sent me to final Doctor to asses me on simple movements of my arms which I use every day.
Does that Doctor know that I have worked under horrific pains from February 2006 and continued until May 2006?
Then was told by treating Doctor to comeback if the pain gets worse.
I then worked under more horrific pains that came along until October 2006.
And you think simple movements should bother me?
Get a reality check!!!

But guess what?
I had that Physical assessment done (weight programme) from 5kg to 2 kg and then to hell if I know how many weights the clown had put on me, but 2 weeks I could not move my arms!
I then go to Doctor who sends me to get an ultra sound, but Insurance wonít have a bar of it.
They never responded for an approval. (Naturally that is what I call a cover up)!!!

After I had no right for an appeal, even though you have sent me the forms but who will represent me? My solicitor has said to me: She will not, it is the system.

The local MP sent me a letter mind you telling me: a quick financial fix will not be my answer but they have given me treatment only for 5 Months, which I call (a quick fix) and will give me a safe durable working environment.
I never asked for your quick financial fix, but I also didnít ask for you to take everything that I owned and break my marriage over the 2 Years that your Doctors and Insurance took everything from me because of lies on reports.
What bugs me is Doctor has it in writing, that this injury is from previous job, for that wrong information I will never forget or forgive him.
For your information I lived a happy life, my apartment was paid 3 Months in advance.
But to get injured and get screwed by lying pathetic Doctors? I never expected that.

The best you can do is donít pay me anything anymore, you have left me with chronic pains and no Doctor will fix this in short time, all this I will wear for a little while longer until I get totally tired.

If this is so called Australia then welcome to Hell!!!
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having to suffer 73

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PostSubject: Re: Bankrupcy better then to fall under Workcover   Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:39 am

Well said. i too have been a part of many lies told by independant surgeons that the insurance company has sent me my case im happy to say that they have been caught out in their many lies ...I attended an appointment made by the insurance company to see a dodgy surgeon of their choice who stated i had full range of movement , no pain he basically stated there was nothing wrong..Well let me tell you this ..the dirty dog who cares about nothing but his own pocket and couldnt give a damn about you me or anyone else out there has been caught out..Little did he know i had earlier had an MRI done on the exact same body part which confirmed many problems including a major tear which is now having me under go the knife for the 4th time...Im sick and tired of having these people rule and destroy my life all at the same time...To many people im a human being to you animals im just a name you found on a bit of paper..
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Bankrupcy better then to fall under Workcover
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