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A forum for interaction and public awareness of injured workers and the workcover system.
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 just joined

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Registration date : 2008-03-08

PostSubject: just joined   Sat Mar 08, 2008 10:05 am

firstly i would like to say this is a great idea
my only concern is that there seems to be little info or posts
im guessing that not many people know of this forum but then have looked at some posts and seen 20+ views where are the oppinions ect guys
or am i missing something
again great site rob Very Happy
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Registration date : 2008-03-13

PostSubject: First time too   Thu Mar 13, 2008 9:09 pm

HI Roby.
I guess this is one of those newbiesites. I always bookmark them and when I get a bit of free time I always come back and visit.
Phew..Workcover has certainly been the topic of the month lately.
About time someone challenged them.
I mean look at all the staff turnover. something must be worn and everyone seems to complain about their bully tactics, poor record keeping, the way they are not treated properly, rehab consultants who seemt o be after the money and not interested in rehab etc.
Seems to me that the whole system simply exists only because Workcover wants to exist.
I mean really if they paid all the injured workers out and just gave them a wage to carry them over until their injuries settled dwon a bit wouldn't everything be better?
Well it does not take a smart person to work that out. So why does this government insist on ripping off employers and paying injured workers for years on end and simply keeping them on the system?
Seems a company thats been formed to exist simply for its own purpose.
Workcover is simply a scam and is ripping off employers and injured workers.
Do you think that the new legislation will change anything?
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just joined
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