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 WorkCover 'inaction led to blowout

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Matt R.

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PostSubject: WorkCover 'inaction led to blowout   Mon Oct 01, 2007 3:25 pm

Dear Sir,
re :WorkCover 'inaction led to blowout': Adelaide Advertiser 1st Oct '07.
The Public Forum in regard to WorkCover that was held on the 29th Sept '07 heard from a range of speakers, each one indicated that there is nothing at all wrong with the current legislation, the blame for the mess that WorkCover Corporation and WorkCover system is in is solely the fault of 12 people who have "played their own game" at the expense of not just injured workers, but every employer in South Australia. Those 12 people are Minister Wright Industrial Relations Minister, Treasurer Foley, WorkCover is a Public Corporation, thus it falls in the portfolio of the Treasurer Foley, WorkCover Board lead ineptly by Chairman Mr. Bruce Carter and finally CEO Ms Julia Davison who appears to be little more than a figure head CEO.

Minister Wright keeps saying that he has every faith in the new WorkCover Board, this is hardly a new Board, it has been in place since '03, and also "in camera" since '03.
Minister Wright tells us that he has faith in the new claims management, yet has a high rate of case manager turn over, that in any given week it is possible for an injured worker to have a multiple of case managers.
Also the same gross mishandling of injured workers claims continues -loss of receipts, doctor shopping and non payment or incorrect payment of the injured workers income.
Minister Wright has faith in the WorkCover Board that gifted away the Employee Advocate Unit to SA Unions and Business SA, that is after a senior WorkCover manager told a Public Forum that no such thing was ever going to happen.
Minister Wright also allowed the WorkCover Board to gift away the RISE system, this was where long-term injured workers could go to find a new job after they had been terminated from their pre-injury job.
Minister Wright trusts the WorkCover Board and EML so much that he has allowed the gifting away of sec 58 B & C from WorkCover to EML.
And now Minister Wright has in place yet another Review into the WorkCover Scheme "The most important Review in 20 years" is what Minister Wright said.
In '02 Minister Wright had a Review named the Stanley Report, when he announced that he said "this is the most important Review that has ever been done." The Stanley Report now gathers dust.

In '02 WorkCover Corporation had an unfunded liability of just under $70million, for a Corporation the size of WorkCover, that was a very small debt.
Now in '07 with Minister Wright at the front end of this disaster WorkCover Corporation has an unfunded liability of close to a BILLION DOLLARS.

I sat with injured workers on Saturday, I heard their pain and felt their anger, it was clear for all to see just how totally frustrated they all were because they are being blamed for something that they have no control over.
It was also clear to see that Minister Wright was not in attendance, nor was there any representative from his Office in attendance.
WorkCover Corporation sent 3 staff members who did nothing what so ever to remove the anger or the fears of the injured workers, if anything they just added another layer of pain to the very people who's lives they control.

I have the utmost respect for both men who are conducting the current Review, no doubt when it is handed down it will have a solid blue print for Minister Wright to work with.
But then so did the Stanley Report.

What we need now is not another Review, we need a full Parliamentary investigation.
We need the doors not just opened to the Board Room, we need the removed so as there is no where for these people to hide.

We need Premier Rann to ask Minister Wright and Treasurer Foley to stand aside whilst the investigation is held.

Mostly though we as injured workers need to understanding and the support of every South Australian, we did not create this mess, all we did was go to work one day and did not return home as a whole person.

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson
Work Injured Resource Connection
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WorkCover 'inaction led to blowout
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