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 Workcover forum 28/09/07

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M. West

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PostSubject: Workcover forum 28/09/07   Sun Sep 30, 2007 3:48 pm

HI I went to the Forum on Saturday.
How interesting. What amazed me was how there seems to be no control over Workcover and what they do.
A lady stood up and said the following.
" I would like to raise an issue where a child from as young as 4 years old through to 12 years was being used as an informant for Workcover investigations.
The child had access weekends with mother on those occasions the mother was extracting information about the fathers activities, contacts anf frioends. Workcover were aware of the situation and were using the information gained through the child for investigations.
The childs rights and privacy have been violated and his innocence exploited and manipulated.
What checks and balances are in place to ensure the rights of children in these situations.
Second to that Workcover collected documents relating to Family Court Proceedings and relating to personal issues of that child.
What business does a corporation empowered to manage Workers Compensation injuries have in collecting documents from custodial proceeidngs of an infant child?
When a corporate body acts in unscrupulous ways who is responsible for calling it to order especially at a time when the Ombudsman and the Federal Police are seriously underfunded and under resourced.
Nobody answered as there was only a couple of Workcover repesentatives there who did not want to get involved.
But Mr Xenophon said he would take it up. I hope he does..How appalling that Workcover would get involved in a families and infant childs affairs.
Shame Shame Shame.
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Workcover forum 28/09/07
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