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PostSubject: Vilification   Mon Jul 16, 2007 4:27 pm

Sorry, but the problem is not merely that injured workers are vilified; it's that they're gutless. It's all too often about "me first; what about me?". And before I'm howled down with indignant denials, I hasten to say that I know that in the end, everyone is just trying to pay their mortgages, send their kids to school and put food on the table. Not a big ask - not trying to rip anyone off. But unlike many other legitimate victims of dysfunctional legal and administrative systems, injured workers (as a collective constituent group) are readily available to the highest bidder and WorkOver knows it, the lawyers know it and so do insurers.

That is the reason why you have no voice. That is the reason your so-called lobby group is benign. When offered a pacifier, the injured worker will take it, where other victims won't. Often it's not compensation, but the promise of better things to come. But how long have you all been waiting? Many injured workers would rather bemoan that they are not getting their claims settled and hope someone else will rescue them or deliver them from their own misfortune. But the majority of people on the system are too pre-occupied with their own state of affairs (and very legitimate ones I might add) to the extent they will do anything to advance their own cause, but rarely do injured workers set out to assist other injured workers. Where are your protests, rallies, and high-profile campaigns? Where are your newletters urging action? Instead, you hope that if you "lie low", all will be sweet. Stay under the radar, don't make waves and one day some Tribunal Judge may exercise some mercy on your family's situation. This is the promise given to you by your leadership. WAKE UP!

The politicians have claimed for over a decade that WorkOver is not an election issue and they are absolutely right. Injured workers have to get past writing blogs that only WorkOver and other injured workers read. Write to the politicians and letters to the Editor daily (and cc. these to the pollies) - even if they don't get published and even if they don't reply - the pollies aren't reading your blogs, you can rest assured. Don't trust your lobby group "leaders" to advocate for you because in over 10 years nothing has changed. Ask them why they aren't cranking up the heat? Ask them why no-one is being held to account? Why aren't heads rolling? Why don't they let you use the "C" word? Because there isn't any? You are all insignificant statistics in a number crunching exercise. Officially, you are all "isolated cases" with "an axe to grind". It is my mere observation that the Libs want to shut WorkOver for different reasons than most injured workers would advocate. Labour want to capture it to fund the Unions. The others don't terribly much care either way.

It's time for new leadership and new strategies to erradicate this system once and for all.

It would only take 50 head-strong, determined people willing to take a few risks (no rogues or cowboys) and willing to forfeit their own claims to ensure effectiveness. Until the peasants are out there with torches and pitch-forks, there is no threat to the regime and politicans don't have to take notice. There are several cases currently before the courts that warrant collective action and high-profile attention and if there is enough good-will to break the back of those cases, they will, I will guarantee, open flood gates the bureaucrats will have a hard time closing. The likelihood of success is excellent if done properly, but we need selfless people keen to do research for others. Know who the trail blazers were before you; don't think your cases is more important than all the others. Set the egos aside and get over yourselves. The pioneers who were doing what some claim to be doing right now are still out there, going it alone.

If you are in, email me at I bet I will get 8 replies of support: one will be a mole, only one will be worth their salt - the rest will grizzle and groan!
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