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PostSubject: Archives   Sun Jun 03, 2007 10:15 pm

Letters of complaint

Posted: 10:18 PM, 18/3/2007 Add Comment

Post your correspondence here.
Please post here your correspondence to Workcover, Ministers or others for all to see. Please also put the reply and a reference to your correspondence. ( if you ever do receive a response).

Posted by workedover1 at 10:23 PM, 18/3/2007

Letter of the Law
Dear Wayne,

I am disappointed that you have yet to reply to me in relation to the issue of Influencial procedures that EML are taking. As you are the operational manager i would have thought you would have some capacity of at least addressing this issue. Can you please respond?

Regards John Richards

Due to waynes credit, he did respond. But unfortunately i am not allowed to re produce his response as it was to the addressee only. It was a positive response though.
At the bottom of the email it states
This e-mail is intended for the use of the addressee only. It may
Contain information that is protected by legislated confidentiality
and/or is legally privileged. If you are not the intended recipient you
are prohibited from disseminating, distributing or copying this e-mail.

Any opinion expressed in this e-mail may not necessarily be that of the
WorkCover Corporation of South Australia. Although precautions have
been taken, the sender cannot warrant that this e-mail or any files
transmitted with it are free of viruses or any other defect.

If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender
immediately by return e-mail and destroy the original e-mail and any

Posted by John Richards at 7:24 PM, 20/3/2007

Advertiser article
Dear Sir
The State Ombudsman takes complaints against State and Local Government but does not have jurisdiction over the matters raised in your email.
E Biganovsky
State Ombudsman
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Monday, 22 January 2007 9:47 AM
To:;; AGD:Ombudsman
Subject: Advertiser Article
In Saturdayís paper Louise Trecassi citing the report by Professor Jack Mclean, stated that Workplace Injuries have dropped by 21.1 percent.
Why then does the Board of WorkCover continue to blame injured Workers for the ten fold financial blowout in their liabilities.
WorkCover has enjoyed a 100 percent increase in revenues a 21% drop in claims yet still manage to squander one of the highest Workers Compensation levies charged in Australia. Surely the blame can only lie with management and direction of this Statutory Body.
The report also states that Income Maintenance claims with time lost of more than 10 days, amount to only 20 percent of all claims but represent 84 percent of costs. It seems the authors of the report may not have been told that Income Maintenance is only paid after two weeks is lost.
Looks like Michael Wright hasnít only fallen asleep whilst his garden tap continued running open!
WorkCoverís performance under Michael Wright and Bruce Carter.
Liability of 1.7billion of which 750 mill is unfunded. Biggest problem facing the state. (was 694 million but 6 months have passed)
WorkCover Board refuse to be held accountable Auditor General
Board room deals. 3 Board members Unions and Business SA now running Advocacy after being given a grant without consultation and despite Ms Giles saying they were not in favour of it.
Sandra Depoi, of DePoi Consulting largest single Rehabilitation provider getting 2.5 million from a 14 million spend.
2005 $624million. collected in Levies annually, a 100 percent increase in 10 years.
Income maintenance payments made have increased 12.5% (345-397mil) in the past 10 years.
In real terms, IM payments have fallen $50 million per annum in the past 3 years
The total number of claims has fallen 21.1 percent.
Unfunded Liabilities have increased from 67 million to 750 million in 6 years.

Edited by workedover1 on 20/3/2007 at 5:14 PM

Posted by Sir at 7:31 PM, 20/3/2007

A prayer for Workcover staff and EML employees
I pray for all the workers at Workcover and all the case managers at EML.
I pray that what goes around come around.
I pray that your children and Family be blessed with the same suffering and trauma I have experienced whilst on Workcover.
I pray that when you take the cup to drink, that you think of the blood that has been spilled of injured workers.
And when you eat the bread, you think of the bodies and injurys that have been suffered of the innocent workers.
And when you sit in silence think again of how you have failed to help the injured who are oppressed and unable to fight, for they are the ones who are needy in this world and who the system is failing.
I pray that those you treat unfairly in your daily walk will forgive you someday..cause sure as day is day and night is night there are many that know not how to forgive after being so unfairly treated for so long a time, I be one of them.
I pray that you and your children end up on Workcover and be traumatised by poor claims management year in year out.
May they never receive their true entitlements. And when your children want to end their suffering and redeem their entitlements I hope that their claims are settled unfairly with not a care for their injury and suffering.
I pray for Bruce and the board for they know not what they do.
I pray that they may have more understanding and insight into the lives and suffering of injured workers trapped on a system that cares little for the human lives it consumes.
I pray that the Board fix the system without regard to their own interests but in the interests of the employers and the injured workers.


P.S. I am not praying for a miracle, thats why I did not pray that the minister will fix anything.

Posted by The Vicar at 11:56 PM, 1/6/2007
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