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PostSubject: Redemptions   Wed Jun 06, 2007 10:59 pm

I have heard of some claimants that have been on Workcover for over 10 years. Now just on average if they cost Workcover around $40,000 a year( including management costs and wages etc) how can it be that they only offer redemptions to some, not others and that their redemptions rarely exceed $100,000 for a section 42.
Now if you add up 40 k over 10 years thats $400,000 including interest over 10 years thats a heck of a lot of money that could have been saved. Money thats saved can go back into rehab and other services for injured workers, employees can make savings on their levies, workplace safety education and reducing accidents can be subsidised all seems that the areas where money should be spent its not. The only money seems to be spent is on lawyers and maanagement, and of course nice cosy offices in the centre of town.
All seems to hard for Workcover and its very plain to see that they have very little business sense when it comes to the question of reducing liability, redemptions and the like.
No company in the private sector could afford to make such poor financial decisions. They would be out of business overnight.
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