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 Workcover and Insurers

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Matt R.

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PostSubject: Workcover and Insurers   Wed Jun 06, 2007 8:48 pm

Workcover and Insurers

will all workers on workcover realise that Workcover, Insurers and
their Lawyers can get any information they want about a person.
Hello they have your Bank Account Details, Medicare details,
Clinical details, Practioner details, Email details, Telephone details
the list is endless. They will even use the powers of the act to seize your medical records. it does not matter if you see yoru doctor privateloy also they will take all of teh records and there is nothing that can be done about it.
One reason is that Workcover is exempt from the State Government Privacy principles.

Workcover are the goverment wake up. The insurer can gain any
information they wish even the most private of information and
especially if there is possible litigation current or future from
either the worker or the insurers side. They can and do get anything on
a worker relevant or not.

Remember when a worker first makes a claim for workers compensation
they sign away they right to privacy (read they fine print people).

They will not only follow and gain information on the workers they
will follow Your friends, Your Family, Your Collegues just to find
something on the worker that they can use to their own advantage.

Even under FOI you will not find out what lengths workcover,
insurers or their legals have gone to just to video tape or photgraph
you. Workers still need to carry out daily activities I mean you are
not dead.

So eventually with enough looking and digging they will find a
worker walking, smiling, talking, laughing, joking, etc but you can bet
the cameras are mysteriously never there when your crying, angry,
upset, in pain. Funny That!

Looking for how or why workcover get the information and wondered
why you cant find out under FOI, Wondered why parts are missing form
your files, wondered how wrokcover knew where you were going to be at
that exact time and place. Wondered who that strange person was stiking
up the innocent conversation. Thought to yourself I think I was being
watched or followed.

Guess what this is why you will never know...................

This is written and advertised on the VWA's own website and clearly states why information is withheld.

If the documents were prepared by VWA, Agent or Self Insurer staff
and disclose pre-decision discussion or options, and releasing the
documents would undermine effective decision making or the scheme's
integrity (the so-called "internal working document" exception).
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Workcover and Insurers
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