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 FOI does not work in reality.

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PostSubject: FOI does not work in reality.   Wed Jun 06, 2007 3:07 pm

I have made numerous FOI applications to Workcover over the years. I know that on may occasions records have not been kept.
I used ot put in an elaborate description of all the documents I wanted. Now all I put is " all records relating to me" that covers everything. When they do the review I do an external review and then send it off to the Ombudsman just for completeness. More documents turn up every step.
So why do they keep missing them? Why are there receipts and records of documents being sent by courier to the solicitors every time I do an FOI application?? Why is there mention of other files in my claim notes that have never been produced. The more FOI you do the more you smell RATS with Workcover.

Any attempts to have reviews done by the Ombudsman seems to be a life long waiting game. Some of their reviews take well over 12 months to complete.
How inadequate is that.
Workcover know the system and they often withhold documents. The process can go on for years and years, they do not mind they are a corporation they have as much time and resources available to them as they like unlike us mere mortals.
Has anyone else had problems in obtaining documents undr FOI?
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FOI does not work in reality.
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