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 Another life lost and six years for closure.

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PostSubject: Another life lost and six years for closure.   Tue Jun 05, 2007 7:26 pm

Court Confirms another
WorkCover Suicide - Bruggerman
Isnít it a tragedy that so many
on WorkCover benefits choose to take their own lives in
There have now been 21 suicides
in 5 years by Injured Workers trapped on WorkCover benefits.
Given that only 4000 claims go
onto benefits each year WorkCover would only find out about suicides by those
from within that group.
If we multiply 4000 x 5 years
we get 20000 people going onto benefits in 5 years.
The accepted rate of suicide in
the general population is 11 per 100,000
WorkCover have recorded 21
suicides from that 20000 representing 85 per 100, 000. Almost 8 Times that of society at large!
That is a tragedy of the
highest order yet WorkCover simply apply spin to pretend it isnít
After 5 years being dragged through court by a callous and uncaring scheme, I am sure the Bruggerman family know it is happening.
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Another life lost and six years for closure.
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