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Matt R.

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PostSubject: Today Advertiser   Tue Jun 05, 2007 5:22 pm

I read today in the advertiser that NIck Xenophon had been engaging in another job other than his position as an MP.

He said in an interview that he does some legal work on the side as a pro bono lawyer.

I wonder if he does any Workcover work?

How can a law maker ( legislative council member ) participate in
making make the laws on one hand and then make money from arguing
points of law on the very legislation he has helped to legislate?

I do not intend to simply target Nick as there were others also involved in work outside of their jobs as MPs.
My biggest concern is that really very few if any of the MPs could be seen to be doing their jobs in a satisfactory manner. Just ring one up and see if they will make an appointment to see you. I think you will find that their second job is more important than someone from their electorate.

Posted by Matt R. at 6:37 PM, 5/6/2007
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PostSubject: Too wright   Tue Jun 05, 2007 7:31 pm

Have you ever tried to make an appointment with Minister Wright?

I think its his policy not to meet with injured workers. I guess its probably for his own safety although one could also say its because he has nothing to do with the running of workcover. After all what would a teacher know about running a workers compensation scheme.
I am sure being the minister of workcover would be a little different to looking after a classroom of rowdy children?
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Today Advertiser
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