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 Request to attend medical appointments

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PostSubject: Request to attend medical appointments   Mon Jun 04, 2007 1:27 pm

I received a letter from my claims manager asking me to attend medical appointments. It does not say its for a section 38 review or anything it just says it is to manage my claim.
I read somewhere I think it was on something about this. I am worried that Workcover just want to put me under surveillance and just want me to go and see the doctors so they can film me turning up to the doctors and also just to get more eveidence about me.
I read about the doctors they want me to see on the workers comp tribunal recent cases. Seems the medical specialists they want me to see are really dodgy in any case.
Do I have to tell them anything?
Can anyone help me on this?
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Matt R.

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PostSubject: Set up   Mon Jun 04, 2007 11:17 pm

This sounds like a setup P.F. Its well known that case managers and investigators set up medical appointments to put you under surveillance. Not only that they try and get you to make statements to your doctors and then video you and compare with your presentation ie getting out of car etc.
The medical appt letter should be for a section 38 review or something similar. Just to say you will be cut off if you do not attend or some sect 36 B.S. would not be reason for you to have to trun up to a medical appointment.
Beware if you got something like this Workcover are likely trying to set you up..
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PostSubject: Re: Request to attend medical appointments   Sun Jul 15, 2007 3:30 pm

This is my first post to this new forum,so a little info about me.
I have been on the victorian w/c system for 8 + years for a back and neck injury, i got kicked off weekly payments last year, now they are trying to kick me off medical.

I do believe you are on the South australian system??

I have had appointments made for me in the past, where they have told its just a normal review,but they have failed to tell me what sort of doctor i am to see, when that happens, i contact the claims officer to find out , they always say, oh sorry we forgot to include the info in the letter, and they will tell me what sort of doctor i am to see.

I have also been to appointments that were not even made.

Yes, its the insurers doing a shifty to spy on you.

But theres nothing you can do about that, you still have to show up to the review and answer the questions they put to you, just stick to the same story that you tell your own treating doctor.
In victoria they can review a claim every 6 months if they wish, they love to throw away money like that, rather than do the best they can to help you.
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PostSubject: Re: Request to attend medical appointments   

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Request to attend medical appointments
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